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      Fernie, BC clothing

      The Fernie Feel Good Collection

      Feel great in a bamboo circle dress with pockets

      The Fernie Feel Good Collection

      We only get one body... so let's all join together and learn to love it Learn More

      Beautiful Fernie Artist B.Aynsley Art

      Untamed has collaborated with the talented local artist Brianne Chisholm from B.Aynsley Art to design a Limited Edition Collection of stunning back panels for our line of beautiful long tops 

      —20% of all sales go towards the Elk Valley Suicide Task Force

       We wanted to put this Fernie collaboration together to raise money for the EVSTF and raise awareness that we must STOP being so hard on ourselves oh and make pretty clothes. 

      Be Kind To Your Body And Have Fun

      We want to normalise & preach that we all deserve to feel good about ourselves; no one is perfect. We have to do what is right for our bodies and our health path and start to love ALL of our bodies; Yes, even the lumpy bits, the flat bits, the crooked, and the wonky bits. 

       Remember, Be the best YOU ...Surround yourself with those that make you feel like your true self, make YOU time a priority; it benefits everyone, breathe, you are doing a fabulous job, time is precious and don't be scared to make mistakes.  

      The Hometown Photo Shoot

      We needed some promotional material for this collection and saw this as an excellent opportunity to hold a fun photoshoot for women of the local area. 

       Ev Eijsermans and The Elk valley Suicide Task Force Team advertised for local women to come and help us with this idea and 15 fabulous ladies showed up in James White Park in our beautiful home town of Fernie, BC on June 22nd. 

      Photo by Randi Goertzen; Ev Eijsermans from EVSTF, Brianne Chisholm from B.Aynsley Art and Me. 

      Fernie Ladies Are The Best

      We had a fantastic evening hanging out in the mountains and taking photos of the Stunning New Collection. 

      Thank you to Kelly from New Roots Hair Co, Hannah, the makeup artist and Randi Goertzen from Red Flannel Photography for kindly donating your skills and time; it wouldn't have been possible without YOU. 

      And a HUGE thank you to all the fabulous ladies who showed up for our shoot and made it all possible... You Rock. We really appreciate you all.

      How It Began

      I love going to shows and seeing all you beautiful ladies try on my designs, but it makes me sad and mad how 95% of you criticise your bodies. 

       I have learned so much about women in the past two years and sadly realised that most are unhappy with their bodies, and I want this to change; I know it's hard, but we only get ONE! 

      So, I approached Brianne from B.Aynsley Art to design some beautiful back panels for my Ego Collection; I had worked with Brianne before when she was the first artist to create a back panel for me a few years ago

      Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good

       We decided that we not only wanted to create beautiful wearable art but also to raise money for EVSTF while raising awareness that we all must stop being so hard on ourselves. 

       Brianne created these 3 stunning pieces, and I think they are so beautiful, fit perfectly with the Untamed style and grasp the feel of this Special Collection. Learn more about Brianne on her website.

      Raising Money For The Elk Valley Suicide Task Force And Making Pretty Clothes ... Win-Win! 

      “We have to try not to say anything to ourselves that we wouldn't say to our friends.”

      The Design Process —By B.Aynsley Art

      "Each piece first began as a basic sketch to create something to fit an elongated size. Once the idea was complete, I then scaled down the size and drew the design, first with pencil, and then did the final layer with ink.

      From there, the design was scanned and transferred into a digital version, where I was able to clean up the linework and add the colour so it could be best printed onto fabric. Each of the significant elements (bee, lunar moth, dragonfly) was then added, and the colours were again rendered to best work with the imagery, size, and shape of the panel."   Brianne, from B.Aynsley Art

      JOHN DOE

      The Luna Moth

      JOHN DOE

      The Dragonfly

      JOHN DOE

      The Bee

      Why The Luna Moth, Dragonfly And Bee?  

      "They spends the majority of their life going through hardships, but triumphantly emerges, even for a brief time"


      "yes, time is fleeting and should be used in whatever way is most valuable, but more importantly, without the difficulty of growth, we will not emerge triumphant"

      The luna moth is fleeting, and while most people will likely take that as an indication of personal time... I like to remind myself that this is a creature that gorged during its larval stage in order to mature, reproduce, and die"

      Don't cover up; wear clothes that fit, flatter and make you feel fabulous Size Guidelines
      "dragonflies carry the symbolism of personal transformation"


      "Some cultures recognize the dragonfly as the crossing over of a loved one. it is often believed that dragonflies carry messages from the deceased"

      The dragonfly is often seen around water, ponds, or on the edge of a river or lake. traditionally, as water is a symbol of our emotions, seeing a dragonfly may also be a gentle reminder to explore our emotions in a light and joyful manner. 


      Come say Hi at the Wapiti Music festival —August 5th and 6th, fernie, BC
      "They Are One Of The Tiniest, Hardest Working Creatures That Strive To Reach Their Goals."." 


      Because bees exist on almost every continent, there is a lot of cultural significance surrounding them. 

      "Not only are THEY adorable and crucial to our planet's health, but they are also a reminder for me to keep working toward my goals and not give up on the things that bring me joy."

      Learn More about the meaning behind the artwork, the cause and why we collaborated Read More 
      The Beautiful Local Ladies Photo Shoot

      A Huge Thank You —We Couldn't Have Done It Without You All

      All Photos taken by the wonderful Randi @red.flannelphotography

      Fernie Design, fernie Art and fernie ladies

      Wearable Art made in fernie, bC Learn more

      The Fernie Feel Good Collection, by Untamed Fernie and B.Aynsley Art, raising awareness for the Elk Valley Suicide task Force

       Designs will be available at The Wapiti Music Festival in Fernie, BC on August 5th, and 6th —with 20% of all sales going towards the Elk Valley Suicide Task Force.  
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