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      Fernie, BC clothing

      The Ego Collection

      Feel great in a bamboo circle dress with pockets

      The Ego Collection

      Flattering Long Tops For Every Lady

      Sleeves? Hood?

      All four styles in the Ego Collection have hidden side pockets, flattering side ruching and a unique fabric back panel. They are all made in a super soft bamboo fleece, in Black or Heather Green

      You pick your favourite back panel art with or without sleeves and choose what colour you would like for your hood and pocket lining. If you want it without a hood, click No Hood on the order page —Available XS-XL.  

      Back Panel Art

      Every month we release new art pieces for the back panel on the Ego collection. We get our photographs printed onto fabric, work with local artists or use fabric we find that is pretty, unique or weird and think will look cool. 

       Once we have the art created, we get it printed onto fabric, and I make up a beautiful design in each print to sell online. We only buy a limited amount of fabric to keep all designs unique.

      The Hood, Pocket And Cuff Colours

      All Ego designs come as pictured (colour of the body, sleeves, thumbholes (if sleeved design) and hem), and you get to choose the colour of your pockets and hood lining to give your special Untamed Creation a little personal touch. If you have the sleeved design, then you also get to choose either black or blue sleeve cuffs

      JOHN DOE


      JOHN DOE


      JOHN DOE


      JOHN DOE

      Hot Blue

      JOHN DOE

      Pinky Purple

      JOHN DOE

      Deep Purple

      JOHN DOE

      Black Sleeve Cuffs

      Black Sleeve Cuffs

      JOHN DOE

      Blue Sleeve Cuffs

      Black Sleeve Cuffs

      THIS SEASONS FABRIC ART —Where Fashion And Art Collide

      "I have always had a passion for a good prairie storm; as a kid, I can remember every time there was a thunderstorm, I would stare out the window hoping to catch a glimpse of a bolt of lightning then the count of a thousand and one, a thousand and two would startup as I awaited the rumble of the thunder to arrive finally"

      Incredible photographs capturing the beauty of the sky

      "From this passion of storm chasing and photography grew SkStormChaser Photography. I hope that my photographs can capture the pure power of a prairie storm and the beauty and tranquillity that the Saskatchewan landscape can present" Craig Boehm, Regina SK

      The process of Craig's photographs becoming wearable art 


      Untamed designs clothes that you wear all year round that fit your lifestyle, not just a season.
      "I have always wanted to combine my love of photography and fashion, and I am so excited to see my visions come alive. These photos are from Fernie, Alpine Resort" Emma Stevens, Untamed Fernie, BC  

      these photos are mirrored to create these beautiful designs

      Custom Design Request Form

      If you would like to custom design your Untamed Creation, fill out our Custom Design Request Form, and we can design one together — It costs $20 extra, and you get to choose the design's colours for the body, sleeves and thumbholes, the stitching and all accent colours.  
      Clothing to help women look and feel amazing while still functional, comfortable, and super versatile.  
      Bamboo long tops


      Vogue Theatre Fernie BC


      Dresses with pockets


      Ready To Ship

      Shop one of a kind designs that I have made for photoshoots or shows. All creations are already made and only come in specified sizes —Ships in 2 days.
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