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      Fernie, BC clothing

      The Ego Collection

      Feel great in a bamboo circle dress with pockets

      The Ego Collection

      Flattering Long Tops For Every Lady ... And they have Pockets!

      Sleeves? Hood?

      All four styles in the Ego Collection have hidden side pockets, flattering side ruching and a unique fabric back panel. They are all made in a super soft bamboo fleece, in Black or Heather Green

      You pick your favourite back panel art with or without sleeves and choose what colour you would like for your hood and pocket lining. If you want it without a hood, click No Hood on the order page —Available XS-XL.  

      Back Panel Art

      We regularly release new art pieces for the back panel on the Ego collection. We get our photographs printed onto fabric, work with local artists or use fabric we find that is pretty, unique or weird.

       Once we have the panels designed, we get them printed onto fabric, and I make up some beautiful designs in each print. We only buy a limited amount of fabric to keep all designs unique.
      Don't cover up; wear clothes that fit, flatter and make you feel fabulous.

      The Design Gallery

      All Ego designs come as pictured (colour of the body, sleeves, thumbholes (if sleeved design) and hem), and you get to choose the colour of your cuffs, pockets and hood lining to give your special Untamed Creation a little personal touch. 

      What Colour do you want in your pockets?

      THIS SEASONS FABRIC ART —Where Fashion And Art Collide

      Pick Your Artwork And Custom Design Your New Favourite Outfit
      “My favourite forms of art are mixed media and pen and ink."

      Heather Halpern Is An Artist And Travel Blogger Who Is Passionate About Responsible Travel. Breaking Barriers, Exploring Cultures And Sharing In Life's Treasures. 

      "A Lot Of My Artistic Inspiration Has Been Influenced From What I’ve Seen Around This Great Big World Of Ours And I Try To Incorporate This Into My Art And Jewelry Designs" 

      The process of getting the art printed onto fabric

      "For me, being near the ocean is one of my happy places. I find it vast and serene, and it is a place where I feel at peace. I love the idea of mermaids and sea life, and in the past, I have created a few art pieces with mermaids. 

      In all of the images that I have seen of mermaids, they tend to be slender and buy into societal norms. I wanted to create something different - a mermaid who was beautiful, happy and voluptuous". 

      Beauty comes in all sizes, and I want to celebrate all women (and mermaids) 
      —The Body Positive Mermaid   

      Shop All Heathers Back panel Art

      Untamed Designs Clothes That You Wear All Year Round That Fit Your Lifestyle, Not Just A Season.
      “I strive to move beyond realism when I paint. As I create, I draw on imagination and memory and let the Canadian landscape unfold on my canvas with both real and imagined elements. My paintings reflect a stylized approach and feature bold colours and whimsical compositions. 

      With each work, I seek to express a perfect moment in nature that speaks deeply to the viewer -- a meditative place that resides between energy and movement, stillness and quiet. I am drawn to these ever-present elements in the landscape."  

      Jodie is a self-representing artist and paints from her home studio gallery in Ladner, BC. 

      “My Joy And Challenge As An Artist Lies In Striking A Harmonious Balance Between Realism And Abstraction.” Jody Blaney

      The process from Art to a sweet long top


      "I have always wanted to combine my love of photography and fashion, and I am so excited to see my visions come alive. These photos are from Fernie, Alpine Resort" Emma Stevens, Untamed Fernie, BC  

      these photos are mirrored to create these beautiful designs


      Custom Design Request Form

      If you would like to custom design your Untamed Creation, fill out our Custom Design Request Form, and we can design one together — It costs $20 extra, and you get to choose the design's colours for the body, sleeves and thumbholes, the stitching and all accent colours.  
      Comfortable and versatile clothing that makes you look and feel amazing
      Bamboo long tops


      Vogue Theatre Fernie BC


      Dresses with pockets


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