In Your Nature Collection, By Shel Neufeld

In Your Nature Collection, By Shel Neufeld

This is the beautiful collection by photographer Shel Neufeld. He has four stunning panels for the Ego Collection and 4 for the Spirit Collection".

"Neufeld invites us to see the minutiae in the heavens and the magnificence in a leaf, to ponder humankind's (in)significance. Each shot asks, "What is our place in this?" He takes us beyond the binary "Us or Nature" stance to someplace more overarching- maybe it's immersing."

Choose your favourite piece of art, and then pick your style and colours. Learn about the Styles and Colours of the Ego here.

The Hoodie, $150

The Sweater, $110

The Hoodie Tank, $130

The Tank, $90 

The Sleeved Spirit $150, (with Hood $170)

Learn more about Shel and go follow him on social media @wildartphotography