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      At Untamed, we love working with different artists and showcasing their incredible work on our designs. It's fantastic getting to know these hardworking, talented people who put their art and vulnerability out in the world.

      Each artist's unique back panel art is only available on the website for a limited period, and once all the fabric is gone, it is gone for good. So here you can find out more about all the artists I have worked with. Please let me know if you have any questions info@untamedfernie.com.

      These Are Past Featured Art Panels And Are No Longer Available For Purchase.

      Art By Dominique Wilson. Learn More

      Art By Dominique Wilson

      Art By Kristine Soellner. Learn More.


      Art By Miss Autumn Dancer. Learn More.

      Art By SK Storm Chaser. Learn More.


      Art By Heather Halpern. Learn More.

      Art By Jodie Blaney. Learn More.

      Art By B.Aynsley. Learn More. 

      We collaborated to raise money for the Elk Valley Suicide Task Force because we are passionate about normalising life's hardships. If you want to learn more about this collaboration and how much money we raised, Click Here. 

      Art by Christie Lea Art. Learn More.


      Art By SK Storm Chaser again (because his work looks so cool on my designs). Learn More.


      Art By Jes Martin, who is a tattoo artist in Edmonton, AB. Follow along and check out all her tattoos @Jesmartintattoos

      Art by Andrea from Living.Tree Creative in Calgary. Checkout her Instagram @Living.TreeCreative


      If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact, or if you are an artist or know of an artist who would love to collaborate with Untamed, then please get in touch. Thanks again for loving my designs and learning about some incredible local artists.

      What to see this seasons featured back panel artists?