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      Whether it is your work from home favourite, your go-to for that perfect lunch date outfit, or just chilling on the sofa

       Untamed is Eco-friendly clothing Made In Canada.

      Your Busy, But Want To Look Good
      You want to look and feel great; you need fun, unique outfits to keep up with the million things you have to do in your day. You are looking for something comfortable, yet flattering, you want to support Canadian and make better environmental choices, but you only have a limited budget. That was us.  
      The Beginning Of Untamed
      I had that same problem myself, and when I couldn't find what I was looking for, I made my own. At that moment, Untamed was born, and I haven't looked back since. 

      I soon realized that women of all shapes and sizes have body insecurities, and wearing custom clothing that flatter and fit can encourage women to start to love what they see in the mirror. I want people to realize that we all have body insecurities but let's not focus on the negative but embrace the positive. 

      Don't cover up; wear clothes that fit and make you feel fabulous. 

      With Untamed, you have a wide range of inclusive sizes, so feeling confident is achievable for every woman. No matter your body shape, self-image or style, Untamed offers exactly what you need to love yourself. 

      It's about looking good, feeling great and doing it in a positive way that always makes you smile. 
      Proudly Slow Fashion
      Untamed is proud to be apart of the Slow Fashion movement; we believe that you can get affordable, good quality fabulous clothing that is also good for the planet. 

      Slow fashion is a movement focused on improving sustainability by challenging social cultures surrounding the industry and encouraging retailers and consumers to take a more ethical approach to fashion. 

      As the industry continues to accelerate, and with it –its carbon footprint, there’s never been a more critical time to consider your purchase choices. 
      Good For You And The Planet
      The advantages of slow fashion are countless 
      •  It lasts longer; 
      •  It offers a unique style; 
      •  There is less pollution; 
      •  It has less impact on society; 
      •  It helps grow the local economy 

      Currently, 80% of all clothing produced eventually ends up in landfill sites.  
      Good Quality That Feels Fabulous
      The fabric that we use at Untamed comes from Kendor Textiles in Vancouver, and we love their passion for doing everything they can to help the environment. Read more about their commitment here https://kendortextiles.com/pages/sustainability

       We only make to order, so yes your design takes a little longer to get to you, but at least we never have leftover stock that goes into a landfill. We are proud to say that we keep waste low and the environment in mind in every business aspect. 

      We don't design clothes for a specific season or event; we design clothes that you can wear all year round that fits into your lifestyle.
      The Everything Tops
      The sleeveless designs are perfect in summer as a beach cover up, out for lunch or a BBQ with friends. They also look amazing with a long-sleeved top underneath or a cute jacket over the top so you can wear them in the winter. 

      The sleeved ones are just perfect all year because they are just so cozy. When it cools down in the summer, after boating, camping, having a evening picnic, or running around after the kids or dogs. 

      As an addedd bonus the fabric is super soft, the designs incredibly flattering, they are long and make your bum look amazing! Oh, and they are all designed and made with love in Canada.
      Other Amazing Companies
      You should check out this article by Nadine Manson, the founder of BeWildHer; they make amazing slow fashion activewear that empowers women to think about their purchasing decisions. 

      By emerging as a non-traditional pre-order only activewear brand, Bewildher can offer an innovative way for active women to reduce their carbon footprint, be more environmentally friendly and have a social impact that empowers other women. 

      Plus the leggings are amazing and you need something to wear with your Untamed creation haha.
      About Me
      Hi, I am Emma Stevens, the proud owner of Untamed Fernie. 

      I got tired of not finding anything cool to wear with tights, so I went to fashion design school near Calgary, AB, to learn how to make them myself. After I graduated, I moved to Fernie, British Columbia, where I started on this mission to make long flattering tops that make ladies feel and look fabulous. 

      I love creating clothing for everyday life, which is practical and comfortable but also fun, flattering and unique. My designs are for the busy lady who wants to look and feel fabulous, have fun and celebrate who they truly are. 
      Be Kind To Yourself
      I am passionate about keeping things local, helping the environment, keeping costs low, quality high and helping women, no matter their body shape, fall in love with what they see in the mirror. 

      I love travelling around western Canada, selling my fun, unique creations at different shows and festivals, spreading the word that there is eco-friendly clothing that you can wear with tights that makes your bum look amazing!  

      Untamed isn't just a clothing brand that flatters, creates confidence, and makes you look good. Untamed is a way of being. It's being in love with who you are, what you've got, and in charge of your life. 

      Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me; I love helping ladies find their perfect Untamed Creation. 

      Untamed is Eco-friendly clothing you can live in, feel good about and look fabulous in

      As we grow, we are committed to incorporating more and more environmentally conscious ways to operate our day to day business. We love this beautiful planet, and we want to continually produce cool, functional ethical pieces that are fabulous for you and the environment.

      Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me; I love helping ladies find their perfect Untamed Creation. 

      Follow us on Instagram —@untamedfernie
      Long bamboo sleeveless hoodies to wear with tights

      Beautiful wearable art made in Canada

      Long bamboo sleeveless hoodies to wear with tights

      Beautiful Wearable Art Made In Canada