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      Beautiful Wearable Art. —Canadian Artist, Canadian Design And Canadian Made!

      NEW Featured Artist, Jes Martin

      I am a tattoo artist living in Edmonton, Alberta. I used to do artwork mainly in Copic markers but shifted to digital art a few years ago, working primarily in procreate. My art is heavily influenced by anime, and I don't take it too seriously, as my character's limbs have slowly become increasingly noodley and unrealistic. 

      Which originally stemmed from when a friend and I wrote a comic called Frivolous Endeavours with Jes and Brady, a semi-autobiographical story about us writing said comic and playing crokinole, in which I was slightly too lazy to draw proper proportions, so made my arms and legs exaggeratedly bendy.

      There are no limits and no restrictions to drawing, so why not push past the confines of reality to something more whimsical and fun?

      Look amazing Before, During and After baby Bump

      Choose your favourite and answer a few design questions

      Choose your favourite and answer a few design questions

      Choose your favourite and answer a few design questions

      Clothing to make you look and feel fabulous

      Jes put on this incredible photoshoot to showcase her stunning artwork on my designs.

      I enjoy using bold and bright colours, which make everything pop and excites the imagination. 

      I draw more seriously for my work tattooing, but I find drawing the most exhilarating when I turn off my brain and see what comes out. For example, the piece Sweet Like Honey involves honey ham bees flying around a mini-metropolis in a teacup. 

      It is really interesting to draw chimerical aspects in my art, from gravity-defying flowing hair and jewelry, to a puppy surfing on a jet fuelled paper aeroplane. 

      Please check out more of my artwork  @jesmartintattoos @nooodlegirls @frivolousendeavours.comic

      Do you live in Edmonton?

      Pitbull Tattoo and Body Piercing on Whyte Ave

      Jes is selling her collection at her tattoo shop in Edmonton, so head down to see her and all her incredible back panel art on my designs.

      10554 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2A4

      Yuki Hime, by Jess Martin

      When Yuki Hime came to mind, I was walking my dog on a cold but sunny winter day. As the cool wind lightly blew past us, I could see the snowflakes dancing around the air, catching the sun's light in a beautiful yet playful way.  

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      Bamboo long tops


      Vogue Theatre Fernie BC


      Dresses with pockets


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      baseball caps Fernie BC Canada


      Canadian made clothing


      long sleeved top with thumbholes and a collar